"Jay Asu Babu! - EthnoSuperLounge Live!" CD

The first EthnoSuperLounge CD, was dedicated to Shen's guru-ji of tabla, Kaviraj Ashutosh Bhattacharya, who believed very strongly that music should be a divine experience, spontaneous and without planning or ego; the musicians should simultaneously be humble and set themselves free to explore and take themselves and the audience on a journey into the unknown. This CD was compiled in that spirit from concert recordings where in many cases we had no idea what would happen. As these recordings were generally off the sound desk onto MiniDisc, the quality may not be as "hi-fi" as your average studio recording, but we believe there's heaps more life and spirit in our music! (Thanks to Daniel Fournier for remastering the CD.)

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Whole album playlist here

The first few tracks are very Indian-oriented improvisations; about half-way through the CD the tempo picks up with some percussive sounds and towards the end an electronic element is added, culminating in a mellow sound collage of early morning Varanasi to wind down... Please enjoy!

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1. Bhakti - Kesava (6:42) - MP3      

Indian Bhajan with jazz influences sung by Yani (vocals, violin, sitar, double bass, tabla)

2. Bhakti w/ Feridun Avar - Ragupathi Ragava Raja Ram (9:02) - MP3      

Bhajan-based jam sung by Yani and Turkish singer Feridun Avar, also featuring Gayatri Mantra (2 x vocals, violin, sitar, double bass, tabla)

3. Feridun Avar & Sulagna Basu - Jam at The Oasis (8:03) - MP3     

Improvisational journey with Turkish and Indian vocals (2 x vocals, soprano saxophone, percussion, doun-doun, tabla)

4. Barb Dwyer and friends - Hot and Dusty (5:51) - MP3      

Original song on hurdy-gurdy with Turkish vocals, also featuring recording of Muslim Call to Prayer in Varanasi (2 x vocals, soprano saxophone, percussion, doun-doun, tabla)

5. Bubada Dubada - Funky Shaman (8:49) - MP3      

Original percussion grooves combining Indian, African and Latin American sounds along with special guest Greg Sheehan on tambourine, also featuring recording of chai-walas at an Indian train station (talking drum, tambourine, clave, shekere, tabla)

6. The Dharma Bums w/ Tenzin Choegyal - The News (5:19) - MP3      

Original song with special guest Tibetan singer Tenzin Choegyal
(2 x vocals, guitar, violin, tabla)

7. Project Seven - Web and the Rainbow (8:32) - MP3      

Fully improvised drum n' bass/spoken word exploration
(vocals, alto saxophone, double bass, samples, tabla)

8. Bhakti and friends - Dham Dham Damaru (6:00) - MP3      

Bhajan jam featuring Brisbane's best Indian vocalists and a Bharat Natyam dancer - feel the love! (6 x vocals, sitar, alto saxophone, double bass, samples, ankle bells, tabla)

9. Shen - Varanasi/Dawn (1:51) - MP3      

Sound collage featuring Anumariya Yogi, old man's bathing mantra, puja bells and dawn birdsong from India (sound collage)

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