Ashu-Babu Memorial Tabla School

The students of Late Pt. Kaviraj Ashutosh Bhattacharya are carrying on his tradition of teaching tabla, in the same room as he used to teach, practise and otherwise spend his days. There are no fixed charges and the only payment is by donation to Guru-ji's family in order to contribute to upkeep of this sacred place. The teaching style is traditional with emphasis on clarity and beauty of sound and precision of technique, requiring long hours of focused practice. First-time students should preferably spend at least 3 months continuously taking lessons.

These are the students of Guru-ji currently teaching tabla in Varanasi and/or in branch schools around the world:

Class of 2001

(L to R) Nick Beiber, Shen Flindell, Guru-ji, Elizabeth Campbell

Class of 1994-95

(L to R) Steff Hellenkamp, Shen Flindell, Guru-ji, Manishankar Tripathi, Steff Niessen

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