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Testimonials (from forum)

First off Shen is an outstanding person. I met him through his website and contacted him about getting me some tablas. Without even knowing me, he helped me get two excellent dayas, a beautiful baya and heads for all the drums as well as very durable tabla cases. I wired him the money and he came through with super quality tablas. He was quick and patient with my questions via email.

Maybe next year I will meet up with him in Varanasi and thank him personally.

Jason Rinker


Hi everyone,

I highly reccomend Shen and the tabla he sells. Myself and a student bought some drums from him last year, and we were not dissapointed. Everything was delivered as promised, with no hassles at all. Authentic drums from Benares (Varanasi) are hard to come by outside of India, so this is a good opportunity to get the real deal.

Best regards,

Shawn Mativetsky


I know the three major and well known tabla manufaturers from Banaras - Imtiyaz Ali Munna, Bashiruddin and Anwar. Recently Anwar has made a name of producing the very best Banarasi tabla - they aren't closed as those of Bashiruddin and they do not buzz as those of Munna do sometimes +plus they keep the tune. I can recommend Anwars tabla.


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